Sunday, July 17, 2011

"A River Run's Through It". 7-17-11

I went to Montana last month because of my love of the movie "A River Run's Through It", and for my 50th birthday....and my 32nd Wedding Anniversary.
I went with my husband to Missoula and believe me it is not the movie is huge, but a River does run throught it.
I did learn alot out of that movie and do each time I watch it, when the preacher tell's the congragation that you may not know someone wholly but you do love them wholly. I have alot of those people in my life........and a "River Run's Through It!!!!

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  1. Your post touched my heart.
    We just came back from Montana. My dad wanted his ashes spread there. So that was what I did.
    I as well as my dad loved that movie. I had to watch it before we went.